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System Specification


As a full service consulting firm our specifications department is ready to assist you with the development of performance specifications that are designed to take into account the Architectural and Engineering considerations for your building(s) plus the detailing requirements that will help protect the system from ambient weather conditions and minimize maintenance costs over the serviceable life of the system.

Our specifications include sections that outline the general and specific conditions for the project, a specific scope of work, insurance and safety requirements and include bid forms and standard detail drawings.

We can provide project management services that include:

BID ADMINISTRATION SERVICES: Assist with the solicitation of bids from qualified roofing contractors in your area; then with bid submittal review and contractor selection.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE: Hold a pre-job conference at the site with all of the contractor representatives to discuss and document the step by step roof systems installation to include specific reference to the roof deck, drainage, roof top mounted equipment, flashings and systems installation.

QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTION: Provide an on site inspector who will monitor and document the job progress on a daily basis. A daily inspection report will be filed with the client that outlines the step-by-step installation and any corrections that were required during the application. A "Final Job Package" can be provided at the end of the project that will include typical photographs of the job progress and copies of each inspection report for the clients review and file.

Project Management fees will very depending on the type, size, degree of difficulty and location of the project but a reasonable estimate of the cost for this service is between 6% and 10% of the roofing contract.
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